The Best Way To Fix Usbehci.sys Blue Screen Of Death

Recently, some of our readers reported that they were experiencing the usbehci.sys Blue Screen of Death.

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    Typical Uzbek. sys manifest as pink screen errors (BSOD) and occur when trying to load a corrupted or missing Windows device driver and/or possibly faulty hardware associated with the driver set. Downloading and replacing the SYS file can solve the problem in most cases.

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    Description: Version :Version:
    File information Description
    File size: 93KB
    File modification date/time: 2020:03:04 15:16:50+00:00
    File type: WIN64 EXE
    MIME type: application/byte — stream
    Warning: Version resource may be corrupted
    Enter computer name:
    Timestamp: 2026:03:25 06:31:46+00:00
    PE type: PE32+
    Linker version: 14.10
    Code size: 68608
    Initialized data size: 18432
    Uninitialized data size: 0
    Entry point

    Operating system version on: 10.0

    Version 10:
    Subsystem version: 10.0
    Subsystem: Native
    File version number

    Product number: 10.0 .16299.15
    File flag mask: 0x003f
    File flags: (none)
    File operating system:
    Object file type: Dynamic link library
    File subtype : 0
    Language code: English (United States)
    Character set : Unicode
    Company Name: Microsoft Corporation

    EHCI eUSB Miniport Driver

    1 0.0.16299.15 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
    Internal name: USBEHCI.sys
    Copyright Legal information: © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Product name: Microsoft® Windows® operating system


    –” File data parts if Exiftool ( Phil Harvey) is distributed free of charge under the Artistic Perl license.

    Usbehci.sys stands for USB Enhanced Controller Interface and is an essential Windows driver. In computing, a driver is a common program that controls a specific type of Kindle connected tocomputer.

    What does Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal mean?

    The DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error can occur if your network driver uses a full memory address. You may also have “ndis.sys” on the screen. sys” is a system file associated with network drivers. To fix the error, you can update the network auto driver.

    A driver can very well extract internal operating system information from information and essentially acts as a translator for communication between applications and hardware.

    blue screen of death usbehci.sys

    Usbehci.sys is a core component of Windows that is included with the system and runs USB ports to connect to phones such as a mouse, USB stick, etc. Without certain software, your computer will not be able to properly install the operating system. Windows system and the USB port parts will become unusable.

    File Size And Location

    The usbehci.sys application is located in the C:WindowsSystem32drivers folder and is approximately 98 KB in size, however there can be a maximum of 3 USB drives which are located in Windows 10 in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder DriverStoreFileRepository. The application may also be called EHCI-eUSB Miniport. The driver file is of the Dynamic Link Library EXE (dll)/win64 file type.

    blue screen of death usbehci.sys

    This is what the absolute usbehci.sys file looks like on a new Windows 10 PC:

    Blue Screen Of Death (BSoD)

    When it comes to SYS files like usbehci as.sys, the most common problem that people are sure to encounter isUsers, is the blue screen of death. This means that when the operating system reaches this dangerous operating point, the system crashes, and everything is usually caused by serious physical errors such as a general hardware failure or the interruption of critical processes. BSOD errors also appear when users do the wrong Windows update.

    However, in many cases, malware can also corrupt the web interface, which can lead to BSoD errors. So remember to scan regularly to make sure your computer is free of suspicious malware and viruses.

    Other Usbehci.sys Errors

    What is Usbehci sys?

    Uzbeks. sys, also known as the EHCI eUSB Miniport driver file, was created by Microsoft to develop the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. SYS files are categorized as Win64 EXE (Dynamic Link Library) files. sys is present in Microsoft Office Access 2010 14, Windows 10, Windows 8.1.

    Many users complain that when they encounter usbehci Soon.sys errors, the mouse pointer can get stuck and they can’t perform a task. And the problem persists even after reinstalling the mouse pointer driver.

    How To Successfully Fix Usbehci.sys Errors

  • Usbehci.sys could not be found.
  • Windows failed to start – usbehci.sys
  • Usbehci.sys failed to load.
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  • Here are a few methods you can use Here is how to get rid of the usbehci:


    Method 1: Run Sfc /scan

    The first attempt should be able to run sfc /scan which will check for any specific files that are corrupted or corrupted in any way and the system will repair them if necessary. You can probably watch this video by doing the following:

    1. Press Windows Key+R.
    2. Type cmd and click OK.
    3. Now press sfc/scan and hit the enter key on your keyboard.
    4. Let the software start the process and close it.
    5. When done, restart the main system.

    Hopefully the above method will solve someone’s problem if most of the following method is not followed:

    Method 2: Uninstall Office Access 2010 (or Related Software)

    How do I fix watchdog sys blue screen?

    Reinstall video card drivers.Update any drivers you are using.Update BIOS.Run System File Checker c.

    If your solution was recently installed on MS Office Access or other relevant services, try reinstalling the software.

    1. Press the Windows key.
    2. Type control and press Enter.
    3. Click Uninstall a program.
    4. Search for MS Office Access and double-click it.
    5. Watchdeleting orders.

    After uninstalling, be sure to restart your computer and reinstall the service.

    Method 3: Windows Update

    If your company is running Windows 10 and hasn’t updated the operating system for a long time, you may also see usbehci.sys error SMS messages. Therefore, it is recommended to always update the podium:

    1. Press the Windows key.
    2. Type Check for updates only and click on it.
    3. What is blue screen of death Windows 10?

      The Blue Screen of Your Disappearance (BSoD) indicates that Windows 10 has encountered a fatal system error and must be closed immediately so as not to affect the operating system. This process results in a blue screen with a sad emoji and a cryptic message that reads: “Your computer has encountered a problem and needs help to restart it.

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