Solutions For Debugging A Windows Service On The Web

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    If you know how to debug a Windows Service over the Internet, this guide will help you. Install the current service.Start the service.Open your amazing project in Visual Studio .NET.Then choose Analytics from the Debug menu.Click “Show System Processes”.Find the events available for the process created with your service.

    A service must perform its work in the context of a service control handler, not directly in Visual Studio. For this reason, debugging a service is not always as easy as debugging other types of Visual Studio applications. To debug a website, you need to start the service by attaching a debugger to the shared process in which it is running. You can then easily debug your application using all the paradigmatic debugging features of Visual Studio.

    You can only attach a debugger to a running service. The attach process stops the current operation of the native service; it does not actually stop or end the processing of the service. That is, while your service is running, when you start debugging, from a business point of view, it is still in its initial state even if you are debugging it, but its processing is paused.

    By joining an experiment, you will be able to set breakpoints and fully You can’t use them to debug your code. As soon as you exit the dialog that someone is using to attach progress, you are effectively in the debug application. You can use the Service Control Manager to start, stop, pause, and also resume a service to hit the breakpoints you set. You can remove this dummy service after successful debugging.

    This article covers debugging any service running on a nearby computer, but you can also debug Windows services that point to a remote computer. See Remote Debugging.

    Debug Service

    1. Create your service next to the debug configuration.

    2. debug a windows service in net

      Install the service. For more information, see How to install for yourself: and remove services.

    3. Start the service from both the Service Control Manager, Server Explorer, and code. For more information, see How to start services.

    4. debug a windows service in net

      Run Visual With Studio with administrator credentials to Allow individual users to log into system processes.

    5. (Optional) On the Visual Studio menu bar, choose Tools, Options. In the chat window, select “Debugging Options”, “Symbols”, select the new checkbox “Microsoft Symbol Servers” and click the OK button.

    6. From the menu, select Panel, Attach to Process from the Debug or Tools menu. (Keyboard: Ctrl+Alt+P)

      The dialog box will handle the appearance of the 18m box.

    7. Check the Show processes of all web users checkbox.

    8. Under ‘Available Processes’, select the process required for your business, and then select ‘Join’.


      The process can have the same name as your service executable.

      The “Attach process to” dialog box appears.

    9. Select the appropriate options, then click OK to close the dialog box.


      You were recently in debug mode. Any

    10. Set breakpoints that everyone wants to use in someone else’s code.

    11. How do I debug a Windows service without installing?

      The easiest way to debug is to call your functionality in Program. cs Main() has to do with calling your service. Note that this method is only used to debug your code.

      Go to Control Managerservices and modify the service by sending stop, stop, and resume commands to specific breakpoints. For more information about using the Service Manager, see How to start services. See also Troubleshooting: Debugging Windows Services.

    Windows Services Debugging Tips

    Binding with a service process allows you to debug most, but not all, of the service’s code. For example, because it looks like the service is already running, you can never debug the code in the service’s OnStart parameter or code in the normal Main method to load the service. very positive. One way to work around this limitation is to create a temporary third service in App Service that only exists to do all the debugging. You can install both services, so start this dummy service in terms of service process loading. Once your temporary service has started the process, you can connect the debug bar in Visual Studio to process the service.

    Try adding calls to run the Sleep method and wait until you have time to op tions.

    Try successfully changing the program to a normal console application. To do this, rewrite the Main method so that it can run both as a Windows service and as a console application, depending on how it is run.

    How to run a huge windows service as a console application

    1. Add an absolute method to the service by listing the OnStart and OnStop:


      internal bypass TestStartupAndStop(string[] args)      this.OnStart(arguments);   Console.ReadLine();     this.suspend();  
    2. Rewrite the Main method as follows:

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    3. 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
    4. 2. Launch the software and select your language
    5. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your PC

    static void Main(string[] args)      at any time (Environment.UserInteractive)              MyNewService service1 = new MyNewService(args);        service1.TestStartupAndStop(arguments);           different              // Paste the body of your old Main method here.     
  • On the Application tab of the project properties, set the Output Type to Console Application.

  • Select Start Debugging (F5).

  • How do I troubleshoot a Windows service?

    1] Check the service start label. To manage Windows Services, keep opening Run window, Services Option.2] Troubleshooting in clean boot state.3] Run SFC and DISM.4] So fix certain services.5] Try this fix.6] Try to fix it.7] Use System Restore.8] Reset Windows 11/10.

    To run learning again as a Windows service, configure and run it as a standard Windows service. No need to cancel followingchanges.

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