Suggestions To Fix Deviceiocontrol Error

Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported Deviceiocontrol bugs.

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    I created the device in kernel space and it is available in user space with CreateFile. I can send the ioctl driver and they work fine. They don’t know how to help you understand what happens after wdfrequestcomplete. On return I get error 1 (invalid function). Before this can be described as a marked duplicate, please note that there is a difference at this point when I write my ioctl tab and choose IO sync over async.

    fd = CreateFile(dev_path,    (FILE_GENERIC_READ FILE_GENERIC_WRITE), | (FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE),    NULL, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, NULL);// ... check for errors hereDeviceIoControl(fd, // device manager    VIRTQC_CMD_MMAP, // Send command    &Input buffer,    inputBufferLength,    &Exit buffer,    output buffer length,    &back length,    (LPOVERLAPPED) NULL); // no overlap structure needed sync io setup

    deviceiocontrol error on

    status = WdfRequestRetrieveInputBuffer(Request, InputBufferLength, &inputBuffer, NULL);if (!NT_SUCCESS(status))    WdfRequestComplete(request, STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER);    come back to;inputVirtArg is equal to (VirtioQCArg*)inputBuffer;status = WdfRequestRetrieveOutputBuffer(Request, OutputBufferLength, &outputBuffer, NULL);if (!NT_SUCCESS(status))    WdfRequestComplete(request, STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER);    come back to;outputVirtArg means (VirtioQCArg*)outputBuffer;Switch (IoControlCode)VIRTQC_CMD_MMAP case:    as if (PsGetCurrentThread() == irp->Tail.Overlay.Thread)            status = CreateAndMapMemory(device, &(inputVirtArg), &(outputVirtArg));        outputVirtArg->flag is (!NT_SUCCESS(status))? 0:1;         Moreover        status = STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL;    Pause;Initially:    status = STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST;    Pause;WdfRequestComplete(request, status);

    I also noticed that the addresses of inputBuffer and therefore outputBuffer are the same.

    temp = ExAllocatePoolWithTag(    nonpaged pool,    PAGE SIZE,    MEMORY_TAG    );// another program forRtlCopyMemory((VirtioQCArg*)outputBuffer, temp, OutputBufferLength);

    In doing so, it sends the rule code directly to the specific guitar driver, causing the appropriate device to perform the appropriate operation.


    BOOL DeviceIoControl(  [in] CONTROL hDevice,  [c] DWORD dwIoControlCode,  [in, optional] LPVOID lpInBuffer,  [c] DWORD nInBufferSize,  [output, optional] LPVOID lpOutBuffer,  [c] DWORD nOutBufferSize,  [output, optional] LPDWORD lpBytesReturned,  [in, available, optional] LPOVERLAPPED lpOverlapped);


    A handle to the exact device on which the operation should normally be performed. The device was still a volumeUpload a directory or file. To get the device, use manipulationFunction Create file. For more information seeNotes.

    Accept the opcode. This value identifies a particular operation and can be performedType of process to run.

    See See notes for a list of control codes. The documentation for each command code contains usage details.for lpInBuffer part of nInBufferSize,Parameters lpOutBuffer and nOutBufferSize.

    Pointer to a record whose buffer contains my data needed to run the procedure. The format of thisthe data depends on the specific setting for the dwIoControlCode value.

    This parameter can be NULL if the operation specifies that requires no input.

    A to refer to the capacity buffer to receive the data returned by the operation. The format of thisThe data depends on the value of the dwIoControlCode.Parameter

    deviceiocontrol error on

    This will probably be NULL if dwIoControlCode says thisa function that does not access your blog data.

    Pointer to a variable that will receive the actual size, in bytes, of data entered into the output buffer.

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  • 2. Launch the software and select your language
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  • If the output buffer is also too small to receive data, our own call will fail.GetLastError returnsERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER and lpBytesReturned is definitely zero.

    If the output buffer is ridiculously small to hold all the data you see, but the data may contain synonyms, some drivers will returnas many adapted statistics as there are. In this case, the conversation failed,GetLastError returnsERROR_MORE_DATA and lpBytesReturned gave us the amountData received. Your deposit must callDeviceIoControl goes back to actual work,Set a new starting point.

    If lpOverlapped cannot be NULL,lpBytesReturned is NULL even if the operationdoes not create computer files and lpOutBuffer is NULL,DeviceIoControl useslpBytes returned. After such an operation, most of the costlpBytesReturned doesn’t make sense. LpOverlap

    if also not NULL,lpBytesReturned can be NULL. If thisfrom parameter notThe operation is NULL and often returns lpBytesReturned data.meaningless until the overlapped operation is completed. To get the number of bytes, call returned,

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