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    Before reading the content written below, please note the following prerequisites,in what terms some of the symbols given in point #1 below are used:

    Conclusion of this Agreement. This EULA constitutes a valid but binding agreement between Dellmont and you, the user,for use with Dellmont software. You must accept this agreement by clicking the ACCEPT button in order to install and use the Dellmont software.In addition, by simply installing and using (continuing) the Dellmont Software, you agree to be bound by these terms of this Agreement and any new version thereof.

    Electronic Signature Agreement(s) and you: acknowledge and agree that by clicking the ACCEPT button or sometimes similar buttons or links that may be marked with , you acknowledge and agreeBy indicating to Dellmont your consent to the above SMS message and/or by downloading and installing the Dellmont Software, you are entering into the entire legalA legally binding contract.You hereby consent to its use of electronic communications relating to performance orders, internal orders and other records, and electronic delivery of notices,Policies or records of transactions initiated or executed by Dellmont Software. You hereby waive any rights or claims under any lawor regulations in any jurisdiction requiring a primary (non-electronic) signature or delivery or storage of non-electronic documents,to the extent permitted, to the extent possible under applicable mandatory law.

    Jurisdiction Restrictions: If you live in a jurisdiction that restricts or restricts the use of computer programs on the Internet, generally at the appropriate agethe ability to enter into agreements, such as this Agreement, under the age of 1 year, and you are subject to this exclusive jurisdiction and age limit,You are not authorized to enter into this Agreement and, in particular, to download, install or use the Software.Dellmont software. Also, if you often live in a jurisdiction where thought is prohibitedInternet Telephony Software Act, you may not enter into this Agreement and may not download, host or use the Dellmont Software.By entering into this Agreement, you expressly offer to verify in your own jurisdiction whether your use of the Dellmont Software is permitted.

    A Person’s Article. Definitions

    This Agreement uses the following uppercase characters in both the singular and the plural.

    voipstunt error code 8

    1.1 Affiliate: Any supplier, company or other entity with direct or indirect control is prevented from:or is under common control with Dellmont. For the purposes of this description, the word will mean “command”.cause or indirect ownership of more than fifty percent (50%) of the voting share capital of the company, type of company,or another object.

    1.2 Agreement: This EULA, whichIt may be updated, modified and/or supplemented from time to time.

    voipstunt error code 8

    1.3 API: A software application interface through which the Dellmont Software is enabled or linked to.

    1.4 Documentation: In addition to the online documentation provided by Dellmont.

    1.5 Effective Date: The date on which this Agreement is entered into immediately by clicking on the ACCEPT link as shown.above or by downloading, adding and using (continued) the Dellmont Software.

    1.6 Intellectual Property Rights: All rights in material property, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks and patents,to the best of our knowledge, including trade secrets contained in the Dellmont software, documentation,Dellmont Website or Dellmont Promotional Materials.

    1.7 Dellmont: Trademark of Dellmont of B.V., any company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands.

    1.8 Dellmont Promotional Materials. All trademarks, names, logos, advertisements and other materials in any form are the property ofproperty and/or property.used by Dellmont to promote its business, products and business.

    1.9 Dellmont Software: Any software distributed by Dellmont for large web telephony applications, including but not limited to specific API,user interface and documentation, and any future software fixes, updates and/or upgrades.

    1.10 Dellmont Personnel: The officers, current directors, employees and agents of Dellmont or its subsidiaries, and several persons employed by Dellmont.or its affiliates in connection with the execution of this Agreement.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the software and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your PC

  • 1.11 Dellmont Website: All elements and content of an online website published by Dellmont.

    1. You: 12 You, the end user of current Dellmont software, may also use the word ‚Äúyour‚ÄĚ on your form.

    Section 2. License And Restrictions

    2.1 License. Subject to all terms and conditions of this Agreement, Dellmont hereby grants you limited, personal, non-commercial (home or work) access,non-exclusive, not subject to sublicense license, a non-transferable, royalty-free license to download, install, and use the Dellmont software on your computer or PDA,solely for Internet Phone System applications and other applications that Dellmont may directly provide to Dellmont.

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